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Winter 1944 - Some where in Belgium

Some where in Belgium

I have moved this off the Work Bench to the Diorama section as it is all but finished.
This is one of my latest projects, it's working title was "Last Stand" I have now had a rethink of the diorama and I have called it "Winter 1944".

I happen to be watching "Band of Brothers" on DVD, I have lost count the number of times I have seen this excellent series, when, whilst watching part 7 'Breaking Point', the scene when they attack Foy, what did I see but an 88 in the outskirts of the town. Well the rest as they say is history.
I had the break thorough and inspiration I need to rescue this diorama from the "I will get round to it one day" shelf.
It will still have the SU88 Flak Gun, but this will be abandoned along with helmets, weapons, shells etc.
I will have the Dragon Kit No. 06163 "U.S. 101st Airborne Division, Bastogne 1944" entering the area.

Subject:   German 88mm Gun, Winter 1944
Scale:   1/35
Base Kit:   Tamiya (kit no. TAM35017)
Diorama Base:   MiniArt (kit no. 35015)
Additional Kit:   Dragon (kit no. 06163) 101st Airborne, Bastogne

Update - 24th December 2009 - This is now 90% finished, I just have the 101st Airborne figures to add (when I can get them from the supplier).

Update - 21st December 2009 - I have given the SU88 a whitewash, the next stage is to add weathering. I will then move on to the area where the SU88 will stand, I will make it muddy and add some fresh snow fall, this will cover the gun as well. After this I can move on to the figures and the debris of war.

Update - 19th December 2009 - As I said in the last post in Sept, I was not happy with the composition. So I have added snow (a first for me) and I will have the SU88 abandoned. Here are some of the latest images.

Here are the models I will be using for the Diorama

Update - 30th September 2009 - Here are some of the latest images of this project - I fear that this will be a long one as I'm not happy with the composition.